UAE Immigration Authority Confirms Discontinuation of Three-Month Visit Visas

In a recent policy change, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has ceased the issuance of 90-day visit visas, as confirmed by travel agents. Travelers planning to visit the UAE now have the option of obtaining one-month or two-month entry permits instead. Previously, a three-month visit visa had been available, but this option has now been discontinued. This change in policy affects those seeking longer-term visit visas.

However, there is an exception for first-degree relatives of UAE residents. These individuals can still apply for the three-month visit visa, allowing them to bring their parents or relatives into the country for an extended stay.

In May of this year, the UAE reintroduced the 90-day leisure visa as an option for first-degree relatives of residents, but this is separate from the standard visit visas affected by the recent change.

Additionally, the UAE has updated the fees for job exploration visas. The cost for a two-month job exploration visa is AED200, while a 90-day visa costs AED300, and a 120-day visa is priced at AED400. Employers must provide a financial guarantee in the form of a security deposit of AED1,000.

This change in visa policy has implications for travelers to the UAE and underscores the importance of staying informed about current visa regulations and options when planning visits to the country.

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