Karachi University Postpones Exams to Accommodate General Election Preparations

Karachi University has made significant changes to its academic schedule in light of the upcoming general elections. The originally scheduled exams on February 6 have been postponed to February 14, with no alterations to examination centers or timings. Additionally, the University Senate meeting, initially set for February 6, has been rescheduled, with the new date yet to be announced.

This decision aligns with a broader directive from the Sindh Education Department, affecting both private and public educational institutions across the province. As a result, schools, colleges, and universities will be closed for four days, from February 6 to 9.

The university’s adjustments are a proactive response to the potential disruptions caused by the general elections. These changes aim to provide students and faculty with a smoother academic experience during this period of heightened political activity. By rescheduling exams and postponing the Senate meeting, Karachi University seeks to minimize any adverse impact on students’ education while accommodating the broader regional closure of educational institutions. The decision reflects a coordinated effort to balance academic responsibilities with the civic duties associated with the upcoming elections, ensuring that both are managed effectively.

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