Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen Gives Nod to 2024 Matric Exams Schedule: March 1 Kickoff

The Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen (PBCC) has approved the revised timetable for the 2024 Matric Annual Examinations, which are set to commence on March 1, 2024. This schedule will be followed by all educational boards across Punjab, aiming to streamline the examination process and facilitate students’ planning and preparation.

Prospective Matric candidates are advised to submit their admission forms within specific periods to avoid additional fees. The initial window for a single fee spans from November 15 to December 12, followed by a double fee period from December 13 to December 25. Those missing both deadlines can still apply with a triple fee option available from December 26 to January 3. Importantly, no admission forms will be entertained beyond the January 3 deadline.

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The PBCC’s approval signifies a collaborative effort to create a structured and efficient examination timeline. This move aims to benefit students across the province by providing clear deadlines for form submission and ensuring a fair and organized examination process. As students gear up for the 2024 Matric Exams, adherence to these deadlines is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free application process, emphasizing the importance of early submission to avoid extra fees and complications.

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