PM Kakar Directs Higher Education Commission to Boost Technical Scholarships Aligning with International Norms

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar is driving a transformative agenda in Pakistani higher education. In a recent Islamabad meeting, PM Kakar directed the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to introduce scholarships for technical and scientific subjects, aligning with global standards. Stressing the importance of adapting higher education to contemporary economic needs, PM Kakar emphasized the necessity of scholarships in technical fields.

The briefing covered various facets of higher education, including the recognition of 259 institutions by the HEC. The prime minister was informed about the increasing number of Pakistani universities meeting global standards, with over 20,000 scholarships for Ph.D. programs awarded since the HEC’s inception.

Addressing concerns, PM Kakar called for measures to control plagiarism in education, removal of obstacles for Pakistani students studying abroad, and a comprehensive report on government-funded scholarships. He underscored the promotion of human and technical resources, advocating for stipends in science and engineering subjects. PM Kakar also highlighted the potential of the country’s workforce in the international market through skilled manpower.

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The meeting discussed collaboration between academia and industry, urging the development of a mechanism for funding research in IT and pharmaceutical industries. PM Kakar emphasized the significance of international standard education for the country’s development, directing a training program for skilled manpower, particularly in nursing. The HEC’s measures in the IT sector, including advanced data centers and supercomputers in Lahore and Karachi, were also discussed. Overall, PM Kakar’s vision aims to position Pakistani higher education on a global stage, emphasizing technical excellence and international competitiveness.

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