Caretaker Health Minister Considers 50% Fee Increase for Medical Students Amidst Inflation Concerns

Sindh’s medical colleges and universities are seeking a substantial 50% increase in student fees for the upcoming academic session, attributing the proposal to the challenges posed by inflation. This suggestion emerged during a meeting led by Caretaker Health Minister Dr. Saad Niaz on Tuesday. Representatives from the medical institutions advocated for a fee surge to cope with the escalating costs associated with education. The caretaker minister, after hearing their concerns, directed officials to prepare a summary for approval by the provincial cabinet.

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In addition to the fee hike discussion, the meeting addressed preparations for the upcoming Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT). Stricter measures were proposed to handle instances of cheating during the exam. The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) would be approached, recommending a one-year ban for students caught cheating. Furthermore, the medical institutions’ representatives were given a one-week deadline to submit a draft of the admission prospectus. The outcome of these discussions suggests a comprehensive approach to address financial challenges while maintaining academic integrity in the medical education sector in Sindh. The proposed fee increase awaits official approval from the provincial cabinet, marking a potential shift in the financial landscape for medical students in the region.

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