PIA Passengers Stranded as Fuel Shortage Forces Cancellation of 26 Flights

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) faced a significant crisis when a fuel shortage led to the cancellation of 26 flights across the country. The national flag carrier, already grappling with severe financial problems, couldn’t arrange enough fuel to operate its flights. This dire situation was exacerbated when the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) reduced its fuel supply to PIA.

While PIA’s administration assured that they were actively working to resolve the issue and expected fuel supply to be restored soon, some local media outlets even claimed that all PIA flights had been suspended due to the fuel scarcity.

This crisis followed a previous week during which PIA had to suspend flights due to the same fuel supply issue. However, the airline had announced on the previous Friday that it had secured funds to purchase fuel, suggesting that flight operations were returning to a normal schedule.

The fuel crisis not only caused massive disruptions for passengers but also underscored the deep-seated financial challenges faced by PIA. The airline’s ongoing struggle with financial sustainability, coupled with the fuel supply issue, created a chaotic situation for travelers across the country.

PIA’s ability to stabilize its operations and ensure a reliable fuel supply would be crucial in restoring passenger confidence and maintaining its status as the national flag carrier. The situation highlighted the urgent need for addressing the financial woes of the airline to prevent such disruptions in the future.

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