Pakistan Reaffirms Commitment to Renewable Energy Cooperation with China

Pakistan’s Caretaker Federal Minister Muhammad Ali met with China’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Jiang Zaidong, to discuss their commitment to shaping Pakistan’s energy future. Ali emphasized Pakistan’s focus on indigenous and renewable energy sources and highlighted potential collaboration areas with China, including renewables, transmission networks, and Distribution Companies (DISCOs). He also stressed the importance of utilizing advanced Chinese technology, particularly in the Coal Gasification plant in Thar, to enhance the energy supply to the industry.

Ali expressed his gratitude for China’s ongoing engagement in Pakistan’s energy sector and extended congratulations for the successful third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held in China. Ambassador Jiang Zaidong noted that the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has become a guiding force for international development, and he suggested that both countries’ industries could benefit from further cooperation.

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This meeting underscores Pakistan’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions, with a strong focus on renewables. The collaboration with China, a global leader in technology and infrastructure development, is expected to play a crucial role in Pakistan’s energy landscape. The Belt and Road Initiative, a cornerstone of China’s foreign policy, is seen as a catalyst for international development and offers new opportunities for both nations. The discussions highlight the potential for enhanced energy cooperation and technological advancements, further strengthening the China-Pakistan relationship in the energy sector.

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