OxfordAQA Examinations Set to Elevate Educational Standards in Pakistan

Oxford University Press Pakistan (OUPP) has recently introduced OxfordAQA examinations in Pakistan through a partnership with AQA, the UK’s largest provider of GCSEs and A-levels. These exams, benchmarked to UK standards, emphasize testing students’ subject ability, focusing on critical thinking skills necessary for future educational success. The introduction of OxfordAQA examinations in Pakistan promises to bring world-class curriculum and assessment standards to the country, providing students and educators with access to internationally recognized qualifications.

The first teaching sessions for these examinations are scheduled to begin in September 2024. Arshad Saeed Husain, Managing Director of Oxford University Press Pakistan, expressed his enthusiasm for offering rigorous British Curriculum examinations in Pakistan, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to helping students reach their full potential. He believes that OxfordAQA examinations, which have been gaining popularity worldwide, will open up new opportunities for Pakistani learners.

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This initiative is significant because it enables Pakistani students to access a high-quality education that aligns with international standards, making them more competitive on a global scale. The OxfordAQA partnership serves as a testament to the commitment of Oxford University Press Pakistan to enhance the educational landscape in the country and empower its students and educators. By 2024, Pakistani students will have the opportunity to benefit from this collaboration and gain internationally recognized qualifications, expanding their horizons and future prospects.

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