Normalization Committee Triumphs: PFF Headquarters in Lahore Reclaimed Amid Settlement with Punjab Revenue Board

In a significant turn of events, the headquarters of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) in Lahore has been reclaimed by the Normalization Committee. This development follows the resolution of a dispute between the PFF and the Punjab Revenue Board.

The conflict began when the Punjab Revenue Department removed the PFF Normalization Committee officials from their Lahore headquarters due to issues related to the building’s lease. This dispute had its roots in a suspension placed on the PFF in April 2021 due to unwarranted third-party interference. However, on June 29, 2022, the FIFA Council’s Bureau decided to rescind the suspension.

The decision to restore PFF’s control was made after the FIFA Council received confirmation that the PFF Normalization Committee had regained full control of the federation’s facilities and had shown competence in managing its financial affairs.

In a remarkable sporting achievement, Pakistan secured its first-ever win in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers history by defeating Cambodia 1-0 in Islamabad. Harun Hamid was the hero, scoring the winning goal in the 67th minute.

Looking ahead, Pakistan is set to face Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Tajikistan in Group G during the second round of the qualifiers, scheduled to begin in November. This marks another exciting chapter in Pakistan’s football journey as they continue to strive for success on the international stage.

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