Innovative Collaboration: PTCL Group and Evam to Spearhead Pakistan’s Digital Transformation

PTCL Group, a leading telecommunications and ICT services provider in Pakistan, has embarked on a transformative journey in partnership with Evam, a prominent Martech platform. This collaboration reflects PTCL Group’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier communication services and driving Pakistan’s digital evolution.

The key highlight of this partnership is the integration of Evam’s next-gen real-time engine, which promises to provide seamless experiences across all digital and telecom touchpoints. This cutting-edge technology empowers PTCL Group and its business partners to utilize real-time data, customer profiles, and AI models to enhance customer satisfaction, boost revenues, and foster loyalty.

Jafar Khalid, Group Chief Technology and Information Officer for PTCL & Ufone 4G, emphasized that this alliance aims to create tailored customer experiences, strengthening relationships and delivering exceptional value. Meanwhile, Evam’s CEO, Evam Doruk Mutlu, expressed commitment to exceeding PTCL Group’s expectations and increasing investments in Pakistan, including establishing a local center of excellence in collaboration with partner Techfinity.

In essence, this partnership signifies a significant step forward in revolutionizing customer experiences and digital services within Pakistan’s telecom sector. PTCL Group and Evam share a dedication to excellence, with the goal of delivering personalized interactions that will redefine the digital landscape in Pakistan and set new standards for customer-centric innovation on both domestic and global fronts. This alliance holds the promise of a more connected and digitally advanced future for Pakistan’s telecommunications landscape.

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