Vacant MP-1 Scale Positions Spark Ministry of IT & Telecom’s Call for New Talent

The Ministry of IT and Telecom in Pakistan is inviting applications for two important positions: Member Telecom and Member Legal, both falling under the MP-1 scale. These positions have been vacant for two months, with the previous Member Telecom, Omar Malik, leaving his post in August and the Member Legal’s tenure ending in September. The Ministry initially considered extending their tenures but later withdrew the decision. To bridge the gap, they have employed Babar Sohail as a legal advisor temporarily.

The recruitment requirements for Member Telecom include a Ph.D. in Engineering with 14 years of experience or a Master’s in Engineering with 18 years of experience. For Member Legal, candidates need a Ph.D. with 14 years of experience or a Master’s degree with 18 years of experience. The maximum age for applicants is 62 years. Initially, these positions will be on a three-year contract, extendable for an additional two years based on performance.

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A shortlisting committee will assess applications, and a selection committee will recommend the top three candidates, with the Prime Minister making the final decision. The Ministry aims to fill these positions to ensure the smooth operation of vital policies and cases in the IT and Telecom sector, which have faced a slowdown due to the vacancies. This move signifies the government’s commitment to maintaining its critical functions and services.

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