IBA Karachi Takes Strict Action Against Senior Professor for Code of Conduct Violations

A senior professor at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi, Dr. M. Mohsin Butt, has been terminated from his position due to allegations of harassment. Dr. Butt is accused of using offensive, threatening, and abusive language towards his colleagues and the IBA management, which has damaged their reputation. It’s important to note that he had been warned multiple times in the past to adhere to the IBA’s Code of Conduct.

The Director of Human Resources, Irfan Qamar, has defended the university’s decision, stating that this strict action against a senior faculty member is essential for upholding the institution’s values and policies.

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However, Dr. Butt vehemently denies the allegations, claiming that he was fired without being given an opportunity to present his side of the story to the inquiry committee. He received his termination letter at the university’s gate from security officials. He also revealed that he had reached out to the chief minister seeking justice but received no response.

Dr. Butt asserts that he had been an advocate against harassment, abuse, and injustices within the university and had even written to the chief minister regarding these issues. Despite his efforts, he was expelled from his position. The case has raised concerns about due process and the handling of harassment allegations within academic institutions, highlighting the need for fair and transparent investigations in such matters.

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