Minister Madad Ali Sindhi Announces Scholarship Phase at HEC Secretariat Graduation Ceremony

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has initiated the third phase of the Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarships Program for Afghan Nationals, granting 4,500 scholarships over three years to Afghan students for studies in top-ranked Pakistani universities. This announcement was made by Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, Madad Ali Sindhi, at a graduation ceremony for 281 Afghan students who had completed their studies in the program’s second phase. These students obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in various fields, including Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Management, and Computer Science.

The Minister encouraged these graduates to assume greater responsibility upon their return to Afghanistan and use their education to address the country’s challenges. HEC Chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed commended the students for their hard work and academic achievements, urging them to consider themselves as ambassadors for their homeland and catalysts for its development.

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Special Representative on Afghanistan, Asif Durrani, emphasized the positive impact of educated Afghan alumni in Pakistan and expressed hope that the returning graduates would effectively serve their nation. He stressed the importance of education in societal development.

The event underscored the close bond between Pakistan and Afghanistan and the role of education in strengthening this relationship. The Afghan scholarship program not only promotes knowledge exchange but also facilitates the development and prosperity of both countries. It represents a significant step towards fostering collaboration and shared progress in the region.

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