High-Level Meeting Held to Finalize Pakistan’s National Space Policy

Caretaker Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication, Dr. Umar Saif, recently chaired a significant meeting concerning Pakistan’s National Space Policy. The gathering brought together key authorities from various governmental organizations, including SUPARCO (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission), PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), SIFC (Special Communications Organization), and SPD (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission).

During the meeting, the participants engaged in in-depth discussions aimed at finalizing Pakistan’s National Space Policy. Dr. Umar Saif emphasized the importance of developing a balanced space policy that safeguards Pakistan’s national interests while also allowing the country to harness the rapid technological advancements in the private sector, exemplified by companies like Starlink.

In a tweet, Dr. Umar Saif provided insights into the meeting, stating, “Chaired a meeting for finalizing Pakistan’s National Space Policy with SUPARCO, PTA, SIFC, and SPD. Pakistan is working towards a balanced space policy which both protects our national interests and enables us to benefit from rapid advances in the private sector such as Starlink, etc.”

The meeting saw the participation of Additional Secretary MoITT Aisha Humera Moriani and senior officers from the Ministry. The collaborative effort underscores Pakistan’s commitment to shaping its space policy to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving space industry while ensuring national security and interests are preserved. This development is a significant step in the country’s journey toward a comprehensive and forward-looking space policy.

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