Government of Punjab Boosts Daily and Traveling Allowances for Employees in Face of Financial Crisis

In a surprising move, despite facing a severe financial crisis, the government of Punjab has decided to increase the traveling and daily allowances for its employees and officers. This decision was met with approval from the finance ministry.

The boost in allowances is divided into various grades. Employees from grades 1 to 4 will now receive Rs. 1,200 as their daily allowance, a significant increase from the previous Rs. 800. For grades 5 to 11, the daily allowance has been raised to Rs. 1,320, up from Rs. 880. Furthermore, those in grades 12 to 16 will see their daily allowance increase from Rs. 1,440 to Rs. 2,160. The highest-ranking officers in grade 22 will now receive a daily allowance of Rs. 7,200, up from Rs. 4,800.

Not only did the government enhance daily allowances, but they also boosted the traveling allowance. Public transport users will now receive Rs. 7.5 per kilometer, up from Rs. 5, while those using personal vehicles will enjoy an increase from Rs. 10 to Rs. 15 per kilometer.

This decision has raised eyebrows as it comes amidst an ongoing financial crisis in the country. Nevertheless, the government of Punjab believes that by increasing these allowances, they can better support their employees and officers, ensuring their well-being during these challenging times. The move has garnered attention and approval, as it demonstrates a commitment to public service even in the face of economic difficulties.

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