Federal Government Freezes Fuel Prices Until November 15, Increases HSD Levy by Rs. 5

The federal government of the country has decided to maintain the ex-refinery prices of both high-speed diesel (HSD) and MS petrol until November 15. However, there have been significant changes in the taxes and margins associated with these fuels. The petroleum levy on high-speed diesel (HSD) has been increased by Rs. 5 to reach Rs. 60 per liter, in line with the demands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The government has also raised dealer profit margins by Rs. 0.41 per liter and increased OMC (Oil Marketing Company) margins by Rs. 0.47 per liter for both petrol and diesel.

Moreover, the Inland Freight Equalization Margin (IFEM) on MS petrol has seen a substantial increase of 42.5 percent, now standing at Rs. 7.71 per liter. The Petroleum Development Levy (PDL) remains unchanged at Rs. 60 per liter.

These adjustments in taxes and margins aim to address the IMF’s concerns and manage the fiscal situation, all while keeping the ex-refinery prices of petrol and diesel steady. The dealer and OMC margins for HSD are now fixed at Rs. 8.64 per liter and Rs. 8.12 per liter, respectively, and for MS petrol, they are Rs. 8.64 per liter and Rs. 7.87 per liter, respectively. It’s important to note that sales tax on both fuel grades remains at zero percent.

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These measures are part of the caretaker government’s efforts to provide economic relief and stability while complying with international financial obligations. The retention of the previous fuel prices combined with the changes in taxes and margins may offer some relief to consumers across the country.

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