Controversy Brews as Punjab Curriculum Board Halts Printing of Quranic Chapters for Grades 1-5 Due to Funding Shortage

In a contentious move, the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) has halted the printing of Quranic Chapters for students in grades one through five, citing a lack of funds despite distributing over 7.9 million copies last year. The decision, attributed to financial constraints, also includes a proposal to reduce textbook sizes for cost-cutting. The Chairman of the Quran Publishers Association and other notable figures criticize the decision as inappropriate and illegal, urging the Punjab government to intervene.

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The Chairman of the Punjab Quran Board has written to the Chief Minister, emphasizing no official directive on permanent discontinuation has been received. Concerns linger about the impact on Quranic education in public schools, with fears it could adversely affect religious education for young students. The controversy awaits further action from the Punjab government as stakeholders seek resolution amid the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming academic year.

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