Provincial Ombudsman Takes Swift Action: Chairman of BISE Larkana Removed and Fined Rs 300,000 for Harassment

The Provincial Ombudsman of Sindh has taken decisive action against the Chairman of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Larkana, Nasim Ahmed Memon. This action follows an investigation into allegations of harassment, intimidation, and mental distress against Memon during his previous role as the Principal of Public School Hyderabad.

The victim, a school teacher, filed a complaint in 2017, citing harassment through text and video messages outside working hours and attempts to interfere in her personal life. During the hearings, Chairman Memon did not contest the allegations, leading the ombudsman to conclude that harassment had indeed occurred.

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As a result, Chairman Memon has been immediately removed from his position at BISE Larkana, and a fine of Rs 300,000 has been imposed. The ombudsman directed the provincial government to pay this amount to the victim from Memon’s service benefits within 30 days.

The case highlights the commitment to addressing workplace harassment and ensuring accountability, as the ombudsman swiftly took action based on the evidence presented during the investigation. The verdict underscores the significance of fostering a safe and respectful work environment and sends a strong message against misconduct at the leadership level.

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