Cabinet Approves 19-Member Board of Governors for STZA to Drive Technology Zone Development

The federal government of Pakistan has given its approval for the appointment of a 19-member Board of Governors for the Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA). This regulatory body was established to promote and regulate the creation and operation of special technology zones within the country.

The decision to form this board was made on the recommendation of a 3-member selection committee led by Ahad Cheema, who serves as an advisor to the Caretaker Prime Minister, Anwar ul Haq Kakar. This move is a significant step towards achieving the country’s goal of generating $10 billion in IT exports.

The President of the STZA Board of Governors will be the Prime Minister, and eight experts from the private sector have been approved as board members. Additionally, the Director General of the Strategic Plans Division and the Chief Secretaries of the four provinces will also serve as members of the Board of Governors.

This board also includes Federal Secretaries from various government divisions, including the Cabinet Division, Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science & Technology, and Ministry of National Food Security, as well as the Chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

The STZA was established in 2021 with the aim of boosting Pakistan’s knowledge economy through technology development. With the appointment of the Board of Governors, the Authority is expected to become fully operational, accelerating investment in the IT sector and the establishment of special technology zones. This move reflects the government’s commitment to fostering growth and development in the technology sector.

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