BISE Lahore Rolls Out Registration for Class XI Annual Exam 2024: Key Details Unveiled

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Lahore has commenced the registration process for the Class XI Annual Examination 2024. The registration fee for Inter Part One is set at Rs. 1660, and candidates can submit their online admissions with a single fee until December 11. Those opting for later submission can still register by December 21 but will incur a double fee. Importantly, entries received after the deadline will face a penalty of Rs. 600 per day, in addition to three times the original fee.

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This announcement serves as a crucial step for students preparing for the Class XI Annual Examination in 2024. Timely compliance is emphasized to ensure a smooth registration experience and avoid additional financial burdens. BISE Lahore underscores the significance of adhering to specified timelines, urging candidates to register promptly. The initiation of the registration process marks a milestone moment for students, highlighting the importance of meeting deadlines to navigate the process seamlessly. As the countdown to registration deadlines begins, students are reminded of the potential financial consequences of late entries, emphasizing the need for proactive registration to ensure a hassle-free experience.

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