University of Karachi Breaks Ground with New BS Degree: Digital Media Marketing Takes Center Stage

The University of Karachi (KU) is making waves in the academic world with its recent announcement of a groundbreaking four-year BS degree program in Digital Media Marketing (DMM) under the Department of Mass Communications. KU’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, revealed this exciting development at a ceremony in the Sarwar Naseem Hall, emphasizing the program’s relevance for today’s youth.

This move positions KU as the first public sector university to offer a BS degree in Digital Media Marketing, highlighting its commitment to staying at the forefront of educational innovation. The significance of this program is underscored by the university’s decision to permit graduates to enroll, extending the opportunity beyond those with intermediate education.

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The Chairperson of the Department of Mass Communication, Dr. Asmat Ara, expressed pride in KU’s pioneering role in introducing this cutting-edge degree. Notable figures in the field, including Dr. Asif Iqbal and Manzar Ilahi, discussed the importance of digital media marketing during the ceremony, emphasizing its transformative impact on communication and marketing practices.

This announcement follows KU’s trend of introducing diverse degree programs in recent years, ranging from Poultry Science to Sports Business Management. The BS DMM program is poised to reshape communication education and provide students with a forward-looking perspective on the evolving landscape of digital marketing. The move aligns with KU’s commitment to staying abreast of societal needs and preparing students for success in emerging fields.

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