Survey of Pakistan Exposes National Highway Authority’s Unauthorized Surveying & Mapping Activities

The Survey of Pakistan (SoP), responsible for surveying and mapping activities in the country, has uncovered a significant issue involving the National Highway Authority (NHA). Official documents have revealed that the NHA has been engaging in surveying and mapping activities through various firms, companies, and entities that are neither registered nor security cleared, a violation of the Surveying and Mapping Act 2014.

According to the laws and rules governing surveying and mapping in Pakistan, no public or private organization, firm, or individual can undertake geospatial data collection, production, or analysis work without proper registration with the SoP. The NHA, as the custodian of the country’s road infrastructure, has been executing projects involving surveying and mapping without adhering to these regulations.

To address this issue, the SoP has proposed that the Planning Commission ensures that any project involving surveying and mapping components is carried out by firms registered with the SoP. Additionally, all data produced in such projects, including base maps and derivative maps, should be submitted to the SoP for evaluation, as required by the relevant laws.

This revelation highlights the need for stricter compliance with surveying and mapping regulations to maintain the quality, accuracy, and security of geospatial data in the country. The NHA is now under scrutiny, facing potential legal consequences for its unauthorized surveying and mapping activities. This development serves as a warning to all organizations, public and private, to follow the established legal framework when engaging in such activities.

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