Smog Crisis Prompts Punjab Government to Prioritize Face Masks Over Extra Off Days for Schools

The government of Punjab has taken significant steps to combat the smog crisis in the province. In a lengthy meeting led by caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, the Punjab cabinet decided to impose a smog emergency in compliance with orders from the Lahore High Court. Despite the alarming level of smog, the government decided not to declare an additional day off for schools, opting instead to make face masks mandatory for both students and staff for a minimum of 30 days.

In a bid to tackle the smog issue head-on, CM Naqvi has called on the general public to also wear face masks for the next month. Provincial ministers have been tasked with ensuring the enforcement of this directive in government and private schools.

CM Mohsin Naqvi has issued strict instructions to various departments, including the commissioner of the Lahore division, the Local Government department, and the Lahore Waste Management Company, to take stringent measures against those who neglect to apply water during building construction. This move aims to reduce dust and particulate matter that contributes to the smog problem.

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Additionally, there is a positive development in the form of an Air Quality Monitoring System to be installed in Lahore, thanks to an agreement with a Chinese company. This system will help monitor air quality and provide valuable data for ongoing efforts to combat smog in the region.

Overall, the Punjab government, under the leadership of CM Mohsin Naqvi, is taking comprehensive measures to address the smog crisis, with a focus on mandatory face masks, building construction regulations, and improved air quality monitoring.

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