Revolutionizing Education: South Waziristan’s District Education Officer Revives 130 Girls’ Schools with Tribal Support

In a significant development for education in South Waziristan, District Education Officer Ghulam Fatima has spearheaded the revival of 130 non-functional girls’ schools with the support of tribal elders. These schools had remained closed for years, depriving thousands of girls of educational opportunities. During the current year, more than 8,000 students were enrolled in government schools under Fatima’s initiative. Committed to eradicating absenteeism, she has taken strict action against school heads who keep campuses closed, implementing measures such as salary deductions and halting annual increments.

In a bid to address absenteeism, 30 employees have been removed or compelled to retire, and increments of 246 staffers have been halted on disciplinary grounds. Ghulam Fatima emphasizes her dedication to ensuring active teaching and learning in public sector schools within the district. She calls on tribal communities to send their daughters to school, highlighting education as a fundamental right. This transformative approach not only breathes new life into the education system in South Waziristan but also underscores the importance of community involvement and commitment to overcoming barriers to girls’ education. Ghulam Fatima’s vision reflects a broader effort to empower girls and build a brighter future for the region through accessible and quality education.

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