Punjab University Declares Public Holiday on Iqbal Day after 6-Year Suspension

Punjab University in Pakistan has officially declared a public holiday on Iqbal Day, which falls on 9 November. This announcement comes after a six-year suspension of the holiday from 2015 to 2021, which had caused confusion among the public. The confusion arose because the holiday had been suspended for several years, leading to uncertainty about whether it would be observed again.

The revival of Iqbal Day as a holiday came in November 2022 when then Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif declared it as a public holiday. In December of the same year, the Interior Ministry also officially notified Iqbal Day 2023 as a public holiday. These declarations aimed to honor the renowned philosopher and poet Allama Iqbal.

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In a separate development, Punjab University achieved significant recognition by being ranked as the best university in Pakistan in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2024 by Subject. Pakistani universities were ranked in nine subjects, with Punjab University earning rankings in seven of them, solidifying its position as the most-ranked university in Pakistan across these subjects.

This news is a significant milestone for Punjab University and demonstrates its commitment to academic excellence and the promotion of cultural and national heritage through the observance of Iqbal Day as a public holiday.

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