Punjab Government Decides: No Extra Holiday for Schools on Wednesdays Despite Smog Concerns

In a recent decision, the Punjab government, led by Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, has announced that Wednesdays will not be declared a public holiday for schools, despite earlier discussions about granting an extra weekly holiday due to concerns about high levels of smog in Lahore. The government’s choice is based on the improved Air Quality Index (AQI) in the region.

CM Mohsin Naqvi conveyed this decision through a statement on X (formerly Twitter), explaining that a crucial meeting with his cabinet members had led to the conclusion that Wednesdays would remain regular workdays.

To combat air pollution, the Punjab government is taking proactive measures. The Secretary of Transport, district administration, and police are actively working to address sources of air pollution. Factories have been sternly warned against exceeding smoke emission limits and burning tires, while Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners have been tasked with taking action against those responsible for crop residue burning.

Furthermore, to ensure the availability of high-quality, low-emission fuels to the public, strict measures have been enforced to curb the sale of substandard fuel. The construction industry has also received guidelines, requiring them to cover sand and gravel and consistently sprinkle water at construction sites to mitigate smog levels.

In summary, Punjab’s government has decided not to introduce an extra holiday on Wednesdays, citing improved air quality as the reason for this choice. Simultaneously, they are actively working to combat sources of air pollution and have issued warnings and guidelines to various sectors, including factories and the construction industry, to mitigate the smog problem in the region.

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