Private Universities in Punjab Step Up: Governor’s Directive Sparks Scholarships for Daanish School Students

In response to Governor Punjab Balighur Rehman’s directive, several private universities in the province have announced significant initiatives to support students from Daanish schools. The Gujranwala Institute of Future Technologies, Qarshi University, The Green International University, University of Faisalabad, and Superior University are among those waiving tuition fees and allocating seats for these students. Governor Rehman, who also serves as the chancellor of universities in the province, aims to facilitate Daanish school students in pursuing higher education.

Expressing the importance of this initiative, Governor Rehman highlighted its potential to empower bright students, enabling them to achieve their educational aspirations. He emphasized the transformative impact these students could have on their families and the nation’s progress after graduating. The governor stressed the significance of providing education to all children, emphasizing that financial constraints should not hinder access to higher education.

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Earlier in the year, Daanish school students demonstrated exceptional performance in the Lahore board exams, with 75 percent securing A+ grades and 17 percent earning A grades. This news reflects a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors to break down barriers to education, ensuring that talented students from Daanish schools have the opportunity to pursue higher education and contribute to the nation’s development.

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