President of Pakistan Orders Probe into Suspicious Vehicle Auction: Allegations of Corruption and Bribery Surface

The President of Pakistan has instructed the Director General of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs, FBR Islamabad, to investigate a suspicious vehicle auction. The controversy centers around Lot No. 55/2022, a Toyota Premio Car, 1800cc, Model 2007, auctioned by the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (Customs) in Quetta on July 21, 2022.

During the first auction, Qaim Khan placed a bid of Rs. 2,525,000, which was 96% of the reserve price. He deposited Rs. 500,000 as earnest money but had his bid rejected. In the second auction on August 22, Arshad Khan bid Rs. 2,650,000 and secured the vehicle.

However, the situation took a suspicious turn when a “pseudo complaint” was filed by Zahoor Ahmed. He alleged that during the first auction, his bid, which exceeded the reserve price by more than 100%, was initially approved. He claimed that he raised concerns about a missing FSL report and was asked for bribes by officials to finalize the bid, which were allegedly paid through Qaim Khan.

The Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) also recommended an investigation. The FTO directed the Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs to probe the underhand auction and take disciplinary action against responsible officers and staff. Additionally, the FTO instructed the Director of the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation Customs in Quetta to cancel the questionable auction proceedings and conduct a fresh open re-auction in accordance with the law.

This unfolding scandal has drawn attention to allegations of corruption, bribery, and irregularities in the auction process, prompting the President’s intervention and a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the truth behind these claims.

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