PM&DC Cracks Down on Medical Colleges: No Advance Fee for Next Year’s Session

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) has issued a directive instructing all medical and dental colleges in the country not to demand next year’s annual fees from students in advance. The council clarified that tuition fees are only due and payable after a student passes their professional exam and is officially promoted to the next year. While colleges are allowed to generate a fee challan in advance, they are prohibited from imposing delayed payment charges or penalties, including restricting a student’s right to sit in the professional exam.

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In a move to ease financial burdens, medical and dental colleges are authorized to permit students to pay fees on a monthly basis if classes for the next year commence before exam results are announced. This flexible payment arrangement can continue until the official results are declared. The PM&DC has urged students to file complaints if any college violates these directives, with a stern warning that strict actions will be taken against such institutions under the relevant provisions of the PM&DC Act, 2022. This development aims to protect students from undue financial pressure and ensures fair and transparent fee collection practices in the medical and dental education sector.

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