MCB Islamic Bank and MCB Bank Unite to Offer Seamless Banking Experience Across 1600+ Branches

MCB Islamic Bank has achieved a significant milestone by collaborating with MCB Bank to expand its services. This partnership offers MCB Islamic Bank customers access to the extensive nationwide network of over 1400 MCB Bank branches, creating a combined network of more than 1600 branches. This means that MCB Islamic Bank customers can now perform selected transactions at these branches.

Mian Mohammad Mansha, Chairman of MCB Bank and Nishat Group, emphasized that this initiative reflects MCB Islamic Bank’s commitment to delivering top-notch banking services that meet the evolving needs of its clientele. Shoaib Mumtaz, President & CEO of MCB Bank, highlighted that this collaboration ensures a seamless banking experience for MCB Islamic Bank customers, as they can leverage the vast network of MCB Bank.

Zargham Khan Durrani, President & CEO of MCB Islamic Bank, expressed excitement about this collaboration, as it significantly enhances convenience and accessibility for their valued customers. This partnership enables MCB Islamic Bank customers to visit MCB Bank branches for cash deposits and withdrawals, as well as deposit MCB Bank cheques into their MCB Islamic Bank accounts for instant transfers.

In essence, this collaboration between MCB Islamic Bank and MCB Bank expands the reach of services and offers greater flexibility and convenience for their customers, marking a noteworthy development in the banking sector.

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