Lahore High Court Mandates Weekly Closure of Educational Institutions to Combat Smog Crisis

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has made a significant decision to address the severe smog crisis in the province, particularly in Lahore. In a landmark ruling, the LHC has mandated the closure of all educational institutions every Saturday until the end of January 2024. This directive aims to combat the hazardous levels of smog and provide relief to the residents.

Justice Shahid Karim of LHC issued the order during the hearing related to the smog situation. The court instructed relevant officials to issue a notification to enforce the weekly closure. Once implemented, students in universities, colleges, and schools will enjoy an additional day off each week.

Additionally, the court acknowledged the Punjab government’s efforts to facilitate a two-day-a-week work-from-home arrangement. The suspension of the government’s order to shut down gyms, issued under coronavirus-related provisions, was also emphasized.

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Furthermore, the court directed the environment department to take departmental action against officers who failed to control smog. The provincial government had previously mandated the wearing of face masks in selected districts for a week, effective from November 20 to November 26.

This decision reflects the gravity of the smog crisis, with the court taking bold steps to mitigate its impact on the health and well-being of the residents. The ruling not only addresses educational concerns but also emphasizes the need for comprehensive measures to combat environmental challenges.

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