FBISE Unveils 10 Exciting Diplomas for Matric-Tech and Inter-Tech Students

The Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE) has introduced ten new diploma courses in the Matric-Tech and Inter-Tech streams, designed to equip students with practical skills. These courses were developed in collaboration with the National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) and were announced through FBISE’s social media channels.

The newly introduced diplomas cover a wide range of industries, including Hair & Beauty Services, Hotel Management, Professional Chef, Tourism Management, Graphics Designer, Digital Marketing, Web & App Designing, Early Childhood, Fashion Designing, and Media Production. These courses aim to address the increasing demand for skilled professionals in these sectors, providing students with valuable skills and opportunities for future careers.

The partnership between NAVTTC and FBISE seeks to empower students by offering them practical, job-oriented education. Interested individuals can reach out to FBISE for more information by contacting them at 111-032-473 or visiting their official website for updates. This move by FBISE not only broadens educational horizons but also aligns education with the needs of the job market, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the workforce. It represents a significant step toward providing students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the evolving job landscape, making it a noteworthy development for both education and employment prospects.

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