CDWP Greenlights Nine Major Development Projects Worth Rs. 224 Billion

The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) recently met to approve nine significant development projects valued at approximately Rs. 224 billion across various sectors in Pakistan. These projects aim to expedite international financial assistance and address delays in project preparation, as promised during the Geneva conference over a year ago.

Chaired by Dr. Jehanzeb Khan, the CDWP granted approval for five smaller projects, totaling Rs. 10.02 billion, and recommended four larger initiatives amounting to Rs. 213.86 billion to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) for further consideration. The projects span diverse sectors, including food and agriculture, education, energy, physical planning and housing, science and technology, social welfare, transport and communication, and water resources.

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Notable approvals include the ‘Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Security Support Project,’ valued at Rs. 24.64 billion and fully funded by the Asian Development Bank and Japan, aimed at assisting farmers affected by the 2022 floods. The ‘Sindh School Rehabilitation Project’ was referred to ECNEC for Rs. 83.19 billion, covering 17 districts and focusing on rebuilding and upgrading schools impacted by natural disasters.

The ‘Women Inclusive Finance Development Programme’ received approval, backed by over $100 million from the Asian Development Bank, with a total estimated cost of Rs. 31.41 billion, aiming to support women entrepreneurs nationwide. CDWP also cleared a substantial Rs. 74.62 billion water sector project for Sindh, focusing on improving the region’s barrages.

Additionally, CDWP approved five development schemes, including the rehabilitation of schools affected by flooding in Balochistan and the construction of houses for refugees from Indian-held Kashmir in Azad Kashmir. Furthermore, projects for road improvement in Azad Kashmir and the establishment of a Pak-Korea testing laboratory for PV modules and allied equipment were also greenlit. These projects represent a significant step towards economic and social development in Pakistan.

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